The attached are various letters and correspondence on the various topics and issues that SFAC has been involved in.  This is not a complete list of our correspondence but a representative cross-section of our involvement.

Request to Secretary Vilsack for additional area designation for insect and disease CE authority from the 2014 Farm Bill:

The SFAC has made a request to Agriculture Secretary Vilsack to consider additional designation of catastrophic wildfires and adjacent areas for inclusion under the 2014 Farm Bill Section 8204, Section 602 Designation of Treatment Areas.  The Forest Service’s ability to deal with additional insect killed timber after original treatments is causing a safety issue along travel routes as well as the loss in revenue to the Treasury and our counties and communities.

Insect Disease farm bill 9-14

Secretaries Response:

Insect SFAC ltr response 12 3 14

SFAC comment on Early Adopter Forests Plan Revisions Detailed Proposed Actions:

Scoping Letter_Detailed Proposed Action_08222014

Comments on NOI n Proposed Actions 9 14

Social and Economic Project Input

This letter was input into the Lassen Project on the Modoc NF and provides an example of information that Counties can provide to specific projects within their area of influence.

Lassen Project SFAC

CA State AB2363

This letter provides specific information on a current proposed legislation dealing with biomass.  This is an issue that all rural counties with public lands are dealing with and must be addressed to accomplish ecosystem restoration.

AB2362 SFAC support

Fire Settlement and USC579c

This issue started after the Storrie and Rich fire settlements and there was no consideration for counties to receive any funds from the settlements.  The following documents provide a complete history and overview of this issue and are in chronological order.  You will see that both the Board of Supervisor’s and School Boards have participated in this effort.

School bd ltr 25 percent of Storrie recovery 1 09

25 percent of Storrie recovery 2 09

2007 Co Bd request on fire funds

Forest Recovery Funds letter signed School and Supe bd ltr

USDA response to Forest Recovery Funds ltr

SFAC and HR1526 8-21-13 ;  

SFAC Supporters 11 13

USC 579C Letter of Support 1-14-14-Signed by BOS

SFAC Letter on HR2647

HR 2647

SFAC Letter on HR1526 and Farm Bill

Resourse Committee Farm Bill 8-30

SFAC and HR1526 8-21-13

SFAC Letter to Senator Wyden, O&C Bill

Sustainable Wyden 12-6

SFAC Response to Listing of the Blackbacked Woodpecker in the Federal Register

Fed Reg BBW 6-5-13

SFAC Response to Sequestration and SRS

SRS n Sequest 3-13

SFAC Work With Region 5 Forest Service on Social and Economic Element in NEPA Documents

SE sub com ltr 4 13

SFAC Support for Changes in the Equal Access to Justice Act

EAJA letter 10-10

SFAC Comment to EPA on Boiler Rule

EPA letter 7 14 10

Letter to Political Representatives in Relation to the Need For Proper Forest Management for Improved Watershed Health

Sustainable letter state water

Letter to Region 5 Regional Forester in Relation to the 2010 Program of Work and Timber Targets

SFAC ltr to RF 2010 program of work