The Sustainable Forest Action Coalition (SFAC) connects county and community organizations and coalition members in the healthy sustainable management of our Forest ecosystems, while maintaining the quality of life through healthy forests, healthy products industry, healthy communities and sustainable jobs.

A wide-reaching coalition

The Sustainable Forest Action Coalition (SFAC) has supporters from California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Arkansas and Wyoming.

Coalition Principles

  • The health, welfare, and quality of life of all represented regions is directly dependent on the health and welfare of our forests which provide a diverse mix of essential values and uses that include water supply, aesthetics, recreation, wildlife habitat, wood products and family wage jobs.
  • SFAC’s goal is to build valuable relationships with government officials, educators, and community organizations to promote forest health through active management and good jobs. We are an organization that uses education, advocacy and balanced forest management science to protect our forest while promoting a robust forest products industry and bio-energy.
  • Protecting our forest against catastrophic wildfire. Thinning forest mechanically, removing surface and ladder fuels on productive forestlands leading to a dramatic reduction in the size frequency and intensity of catastrophic forest fires and their adverse impacts on citizens and their communities including wildlife, air quality, carbon emissions and watersheds.
  • Through active forest management improve and protect watershed conditions providing the quality and quantity of water while supporting ecological functions and intended beneficial water uses.
  • Our forest have the potential to be the most valuable tool available in the effort to reduce global warming emissions and address climate change through carbon sequestration.
  • Managing harvesting, annual growth and mortality in a manner that promotes a healthy forest ecosystem to steward and restore the regions unparalleled beauty and natural values, while sustaining communities economic vitality, long term sustainable forests, and plant and animal community diversity.
  • As a component of a sawmill infrastructure, SFAC supports biofuels from
    wood, which provides reliable clean energy from a renewable resource, which reduces dependency on fossil fuels, while providing rural employment and economic development. Promoting highest value and 100% utilization of vegetation removals to pay for the costs of vegetation management.