Our mission is to provide education and training to help build El Dorado County’s future leaders.  This program intends to send a diverse group of highly skilled leaders back into the community – better skilled, further motivated, with a stronger vision – to lead those around them toward an improved region and a healthier community.

The Importance of Leadership

What is a leader? Is a leader born or made? Is leadership a function of one’s character? Or is it a set of skills that can be taught?

There are many different definitions of leadership. Webster defines leadership as guidance, direction, or “showing the way.” Stephen Covey, a renowned leadership expert, and author tells us that we “lead people and manage things.” By these definitions, leadership is not an inborn trait, but instead a series of acquired skills. Research into the dynamics of leadership suggests that most people have the potential to become leaders in the right circumstances and with attention to strengthening key skills.

With the knowledge and desire to show the way, a person can be a leader. Knowledge can be acquired, and desire is the result of motivation.

Leadership El Dorado will drive this process by intense classroom activity, participatory sessions, team-action projects, public and private entity site visits, peer-to-peer exchange, and through other means which we hope ultimately promotes a stronger social and professional environment.

About the Program

By design, the program delivers one session each month to participants at different locations throughout the county. Sessions usually take place on the 1st Wednesday of each month, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending by 1:30 p.m. so that participants can still balance other professional or personal needs. The program will include sessions on the following curriculum:

  • Health Care
  • Local Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Education
  • Communication and Media
  • Economic Development
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism and Film Promotion
  • Water and Natural Resources
  • Closing Session

Expectations of Participants 

Attendance and regular participation in the Leadership El Dorado Program is imperative for individual success. Participants in this program should be willing to commit to the following:

  • Being “present” throughout the length of each monthly session literally and mentally.
  • Having full support of their organization’s leadership.
  • Participation in group activities and projects.
  • Individual study on topic issues and completion of preparatory assignments.
  • Participation in the follow-up evaluation of the program.
  • Attending an Opening Retreat and a Final Commencement Ceremony.

“This program provides an outstanding opportunity to become knowledgeable about county-wide concerns, as well as to move into a leadership circle.”

-Vicki L. Barber, County Superintendent of Schools

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