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Folsom Lake College’s El Dorado Center – part of the Los Rios Community College District – offers a wide variety of general education transferable and other courses. In addition, the El Dorado Center (located off Green Valley Road in Placerville near the El Dorado County Office of Education) provides student resources, including counseling, financial aid, tutoring, and a library/computer lab.


Fifteen school districts serve over 28,000 students in El Dorado County. The Lake Tahoe and Georgetown Divide regions each have a K-12 district. On the Western Slope there are twelve small to moderate sized K-8 districts which matriculate into the El Dorado Union High School District. Many families move to El Dorado County because there are healthy influences for youth in a semi-rural area with outstanding quality schools. Approximately 70% of all schools in El Dorado County score in the top thirty percent of schools in California. In addition, approximately 80% of the high school students throughout the county pass the High School Exit Exam on their first attempt in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Teachers are also attracted to El Dorado County schools where there is an openness to innovation to meet the needs of students and families. Examples of innovation are found in video technology classes where students produce news shows which can be shown in other classes, participation in “Academic Decathlon” competitions, and connectivity of schools to the Internet throughout the County.

Local school offerings provide a selection of more than forty business related courses and academics, including accounting, banking and finance, medical occupations, automotive, cosmetology, law enforcement, data processing, merchandising, restaurant management, and culinary arts.

For further information visit the El Dorado County Office of Education website:

Education Council

Mission Statement – Provide an avenue through which the academic and business communities can work together to address the employee training and educational needs of our community.

The council has representation from the County Office of Education, Folsom Lake College, First 5 El Dorado, Job One, Early Childhood educators and others.