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Explore videos with expert tips on reducing your energy bills, recorded webinars on code updates and other educational content on the latest in energy technology for businesses.

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New Business Workshop Series

Sierra Commons is best known for its signature Business Ignitor Course. Since its inaugural launch in 2010, over 150 entrepreneurs started new businesses or kickstarted existing enterprises. The course is very different than typical business basics courses.

Sierra CAMP Quarterly Workshop: Planning for Climate Change and Increased Visitation in the Sierra Nevada

During the public health crisis of the last year, Sierra Nevada has seen a rise in visitorship that reflects the growing need for people to get outside. Tourism and recreation have long been an economic lifeblood for our region, but high visitation rates are also tied to unique ecological and social stresses that may only grow as climate impacts accelerate.

Veterans Business Outreach Center

VBOC’s mission is to advance the growth and commercial competitiveness of veteran-owned small business enterprises through education and services focusing on workforce improvement, technology deployment, and business development.

Why Businesses Fail

Free Live Webinar on Wednesday, July 7 at 1:00 pm

Join us for an interactive conversation with Larry Mandelberg, a non-recovering serial entrepreneur, and a change mentor. Larry spent decades researching exactly why businesses fail and will share the results of his research and the application of his findings during this session.

He’ll present the framework for a well-conceived business and an overview of the inevitable cycles of change that successful businesses go through as they age and mature: the ARC of Success. He’ll share some of the common indicators of needed change so you can be proactive and better prepared when impacted by change. He’ll then share the three most impactful areas in which maintaining proper balance can make the difference between staggering success and monstrous failure—which he calls “business suicide.”

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, present problems, and discuss ideas that relate directly to your business. You’ll leave with a deeper understanding of why businesses fail and how to survive your company’s success and thrive in both good times and bad.


This session is for you if you:

  • want to understand the three obligations of leadership
  • want to learn about the three operational imperatives, a.k.a. why businesses fail
  • want to hear about the three critical areas requiring balance
  • are curious about the predictable cycles of change healthy growing businesses experience
  • want to be better prepared to deal with the friction and disruption brought by change
  • are interested in the concept of organizational maturity and how it develops


Larry Mandelberg is a fifth-generation family business owner from which he inherited “150 years of experience with organizational success.” He draws upon this experience to solve problems for businesses and governments, including Tahoe Science Consortium, CalPERS, and dozens of businesses in industries ranging from automotive to software to agriculture.

Larry is a champion for change and a student of strategic planning, sustainable growth, and entrepreneurship. He wrote a monthly column in the Sacramento Business Journal called “Eyes on Business” for which he published over 80 columns.

In addition to his role as Chairman for Innovative Education Management, Larry has provided training for Cooperative Personnel Services and taught team building for the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy. He received his MBA from Drexel University and has been married to his wife Nancy for 40 years.

Cost: Free!